Just a small announcement that I’m so happy & excited about that it’s soo hard to contain:

I reached over 100 hits just today!!! In the life of this blog, which is about 6 months (officially on 9/23/10!) so far, the most hits I’ve gotten in a day averaged about 50-60 MAX! Lately I’ve been slacking in the blog department so I’ve been getting around 2-5 hits a day this summer, if I was lucky.

But thank you to everyone stopping by here and taking a gander :D.

So, last night I got home from babysitting and I was feeling those “it’s-been-a-really-long-Monday” blues. I wasn’t in the mood for a real dinner but somehow frozen comfort was calling my name in the form of banana soft serve.

Somehow I end up avoiding making banana soft serve because of the terrible wonderful blending tools I have. *sigh*

But I decided to give into my cravings, perfect blender or not!


I needed some liquid for the frozen bananas to keep moving in the blender. I put fresh bananas in the pic since I already used the frozen, but use frozen bananas otherwise its a smoothie :).  I used of of this Tazo Chai drink we just got. It’s wonderful to add to milk over ice, total love atm <3.


So I added some chai, vanilla extract and vanilla coconut milk for creaminess and voila!


It was slightly spicy and tasted like chai ice cream!


I had some yummy oatmeal cookies my Mom made and mango alongside the chai nanner ‘fro’ :).


I crumbled those suckers in the serve and it was amazing! Like a oaty chai SIAB. :).

Even though the chilly weather is impending I’m still craving frozen treats.

Q: Whats something you could eat year round thats normally seasonal?