Hi everyone! My name is Devorah. I’m from New York City, born & bred. I currently live in Jerusalem, Israel.

I also love FOOD and blogs on that subject which is why I decided to make one of my own. I’d sporadically take pictures of dishes I made or things I baked because I thought It was fun so know I get to share it with you all!


A few tibdits about me:

~I like to exercise and stay in shape. I have had chubby phases and not-so chubby phases. Right now I’m focusing on looking lean and feeling good rather than fitting into a certain dress size. At times, I struggled with being an ideal weight and have had ups and downs but I’m much more balanced now and like to enjoy myself when the occasion arises. I’m more aware now that If I enjoy that cookie I’ll have to compensate/work it off later.

~I’m Jewish, hence my username :). Judaism is a very big part of my life and I like to reflect that in most of my blog posts. I try to keep to the laws of Kosher in the sense that I don’t eat shellfish and I wouldn’t eat dairy and meat together (back when I did eat meat). But I do eat in non-Kosher certified establishments, since the main issue with Kosher comes in with using utensils tainted with non-Kosher foods. But eating vegetarian in a non-Kosher restaurant is not an issue with me personally. But I look out for Kosher products when I shop for groceries because my family tries to keep a Kosher home.  Plus I find the ingredients in Kosher products to be purer and cleaner than non-Kosher ones.

~I’ve been to many many MANY concerts. I also go to outdoor music festivals like Bamboozle and Warped Tour. The first concert I ever went to was KoRn and Staind when I was 13 years old. I won tickets over the radio and got to be in the K0RnRow which was for radio ticket winners so I watched concert stage side. Ever since then I loved going to concerts. I could easily have been to over 100 concerts though I never actually tried to counted each one.

Here’s my ticket stub/autograph board,  and there’s more tickets not even tacked on this thing!  On top that piece of paper has Katy Perry’s autograph and there’s a special birthday card my friend got me with all of Fall Out Boy’s signature’s on it :).

~ I love art.  I visit museums and galleries whenever I get the chance. I dabble in drawing and paining occasionally as well.

~I know a few languages….sorta.

~I have a cat and a turtle.

~I had a minor speech delay until the age of 6.

~English became my favorite subject. I was never good and still am in math or science.

~I’ve worn glasses since the 2nd grade. I have about 3 pairs of glasses that I rotate between. It’s like a main accessory I wear so why not have more than one pair right?

~Some foods I can’t seem to like no matter how hard I try which for now are: blue cheese and anything with a wood smoked flavor (buffalo cheese, really smoked salmon, etc).

~I rarely drink caffeinated coffee so as a result I’m a loyal tea person.


~I grew up with Eastern European/American foods so I was brought up with a wide range of tastes and flavours (I love spelling it that way!).  There is something about caviar that brings me to my knees but sometimes there is nothing more that I like than a good omelet or a bowl of cereal. But I’ve learned about food from different cultures such as French, French-Canadian, Israeli, Middle Eastern and more mainly from visiting Israel, France and other countries in the Carribean. I love ethnic cuisines and the history of certain dishes.


~I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business & Marketing and I’m out in the workforce trying to make a name for myself and see what my real niche is. I am NOT a nutritionist or RD. But I have taken some health classes in college and try to stay up to date on the latest health trends. I started blogging to show how I balance work with nutrition and fitness.


~Besides food, cooking and baking,  music is another huge passion of mine so i go to many concerts and also love reading, surfing the web, shopping, going to museums, plays, comedy clubs and of course the occasional dive bar & club 😉

Enjoy and please comment!  Feel free to holler at me too 🙂  HealthyHeeb@gmail.com

Keep eatin’ on!