let me start off my first food post by saying…………

I LOVE FOOD!! sure, i may not have always eaten so well in  the past. i can see how maturity can go hand and hand with how you act, dress, think and even, EAT. but thanks for the numerous wonderful food blogs i follow, i have gotten some inspiration to not only eat healthily but really enjoy my food and life as well.

i will say upfront that i can’t promise i will post every single day and be very neat and consistent but i will do my best.

now lets get on with some “fressen!” (that means to “eat” in Yiddish. you can already see how jewish humor will be a theme in this blog :p)

well yesterday i went to a loud and sweaty cardio step class and intense weight and leg work session so afterwards i was craving major carbos and tofu so my wish was my command.

(clockwise from the far left) brown rice with mushrooms,baked beans, bbq tofu with more mushrooms and trees.

yes you heard me……TREES! 🙂

aww no, thats just some good ‘ol barely boiled broccoli (now say that three times fast 😉

and for dessert i had a whole orange and some strawberries. i’m so excited for spring because all the berries start to be more readily available and taste better. that orange was so good, i thought i was only going to have a half and then had the other because i just couldn’t resist!

then i had an TJ’s papaya enzyme after dinner.

then the BAKING BUG BIT ME!  *ahhhhhh*

well, not so scary really :p just in the mood for some cornbread….and other corny things. 😀

i decided to make Pecan Cranberry Cornbread. i followed the recipe on the cornbread bag and edited it to my liking.

i decided to use some whole milk Kefir because i was sure it was add a richness with less calories compared to using just sour cream alone. then i used agave syrup, olive oil, wheat germ and flax/chia seed mixture.  i also decided to add pecans & crannies last minute.

about an hour later and VOILA! 🙂 i tried this already and its soo good! the Kefir really made it moist and cakelike.

then to use up the butter in our fridge i made these from the Amy Sedaris cook book “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence“. which is sooo quirky and cute and has tons of great recipes.

here’s the batter, that i had to refrigerate overnight.

all this baking make me craving some sugar so i grabbed a Skinny Cow Skinny Dipper. a tasty pleasure to not be guilty about 🙂

then i made my overnight oats for todays breakfast.

oats, plain lowfat yogurt, cottage cheese, wheat germ, chia/flax mixture, cranberry concentrate, and a secret ingredient that i totally forgot about until the next morning 😡

then i settled down to open this package i got from Burt’s Bees. its a sample of their new toothpaste. i’m excited to try this because i already enjoy alot of BB’s products.

til next time, keep schvitzin!